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Frontline's Managed IT Security Services

Frontline specializes in providing sophisticated and effective cybersecurity solutions for businesses that cannot afford to justify a full-time team of internal security specialists. 

Cybersecurity Consulting

We follow cybersecurity best practices and align them with your IT cybersecurity strategy so that everything is working in unison to keep your data safe.

We analyze your cybersecurity systems by performing extensive vulnerability tests and researching your current software stack. We then recommend how to improve and optimize your company’s IT security. All the while, we are also focused on keeping your business compliant with all related security regulations. 

IT Security Remediation

We take a proactive role in ensuring your company’s data is secure by optimizing security measures. 

Once we’ve assessed your current cybersecurity, we then build a remediation and implementation plan. This plan might include installations, software upgrades, or new hardware and/or configuration setups. We’ll do whatever it takes to guard your data’s safety.

Then we vigorously test to make sure vulnerabilities are resolved and implement the best course for maintaining and updating your security in the future.

IT Security Monitoring & Support

We continually monitor to make sure your IT is under tight lock and key. 

  • Managed detection and response
  • Threat and malware detection
  • Log management, monitoring, and archiving
  • Cloud security monitoring and more

We prevent cyber security breaches by monitoring for any unusual activity within your network and prevent a cyber security attack from spreading to other areas and causing widespread damage. 

IT Security Partners

We take business security, privacy and compliance very seriously. It's either 100% or not secure at all. That's why we partner with the best IT security specialists in the world.

These are just some of the cyber security companies we work with that make up our unique recipe of a total managed it security solutions for all our clients.

it security rsa
Contextual cybersecurity
open dns cisco
it security certified
2 factor authentication
Microsoft cybersecurity
it solutions eset
Cisco Meraki
it solutions juniper networks
Pulse Secure

10 Critical Managed IT Security Solutions That You Must Have

These tried-and-true IT security solutions can prevent most known threats to your company’s data and digital infrastructure. Often, a combination of several (or all) of them are required to achieve the ideal security apparatus for your business.

1. Network Security Service

Network security services typically include both implementation and network monitoring. These will also create alerts if unusual network activity provides a warning of a potential threat.

2. Managed Firewall Services

This goes beyond firewall configuration and also involves regular firewall configuration updates. It will adapt to any changes in your workflow or updates to the business stack software.

3. Endpoint Security Management

Endpoints are user devices like computers, phones, tablets, point-of-sale stations, virtual machines, embedded devices, and servers. The network connects these points. Endpoint security is the process of monitoring and defending each of these endpoints. 

4. Threat Intelligence Services

You can’t beat cyber criminals unless you outsmart them. Threat analysis identifies the most likely threats to your business's IT security. Threat mitigation involves seeking ways to close potential vulnerabilities.

5. Security Incident Response

We build and implement comprehensive response plans that guide us should a security incident occur. This will create a chain of command for data emergencies and provide processes for handling common security incidents in real time.

6. Security Monitoring and Detection

By implementing security monitoring and detection across your entire business digital infrastructure, including the network, endpoints, and cloud access, we protect the entirety of your business’ IT operations. Security monitoring is done differently on every business system, depending on the way your network and software stack was built. 

7. Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability testing, penetration testing, and software research helps us identify weak points in your digital defenses where hackers or even human error could break through to cause a problem. Each detected vulnerability will be closed with an existing software update, security patch, or even a custom-built solution.

8. Cybersecurity Compliance

Security compliance is a big concern for many businesses relating to the data security regulations you need to meet. Security compliance services focus on getting your company's security infrastructure up to those standards and maintaining that level in the long term.

9. IT Security Operations Center (Soc)

Security Operations Center, or SOC, is an operations center that unifies and coordinates a business's security policies. The SOC team handles security planning, prevention, and security incident responses smoothly with full oversight over your company's security footprint.

10. Data Protection and Encryption

Encryption is a company's first, last, and best defense against data breaches. It can render the information useless even to a successful thief. Stolen encrypted data is just garbled trash with no way it can be decrypted with a specific and uncrackable key.

Don’t Be Bullied By Cyber Criminals - Put A Top Managed IT Security Services Provider On Your Side

We don’t back down and we don’t let up when it comes to protecting your IT footprint. Frontline provides comprehensive IT security services that are the ultimate layer of protection. If your business needs a cybersecurity upgrade or a comprehensive plan to maintain regulated standards for your cybersecurity, our team will ensure that your data is secure, robust, and compliant.

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Clients Covered by Frontline's Managed IT Security

Steven Voci, Business Consultant
"One of the first things I ask companies about is the state of their cyber security, compliance and data privacy"

I consult with a number of startups and midsize companies. And one of the first things I ask them about is the state of their cyber security, compliance and data privacy. If there's any hesitation, my first recommendation is to call Frontline.

Rex holdings  //  Steven Voci, Principal

Perry Daskas, AFA Claims
"They have done an excellent job for us..."

Frontline has been our IT Service provider assisting us with hosting, security and hardware/software solutions for many years. They have done an excellent job for us and are always available when needed on short notice for any of our IT needs.

AFA Claim Services  //  Perry Daskas, President

Inquire About Our IT Security Audit Service

We'll conduct a comprehensive cyber-security inspection to determine vulnerability, compliance, privacy, and security.

  • Network vulnerability 
  • Phishing test on employees
  • Data privacy & security
  • Industry regulatory compliance
  • Spam and virus exposure