Virtual CIO Services for your Growing Company

Get the executive-level IT strategic guidance and support your company needs without having to hire a full-time CIO. 


What are Virtual CIO Services?

Undoubtedly, having a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is critical for any growing company that wants to gain a business advantage through its tech investments. However, few SMBs have the resources to support a full-time CIO or IT Director to plan and manage their IT operations.

Hiring a Managed IT Service provider that offers virtual CIO services is an excellent option for such companies.

Virtual CIOs (vCIOs) fulfill the same roles full-time CIOs fulfill, albeit with a smaller and more manageable budget. A vCIO complements your in-house IT team by helping align your technology with your company's business goals, they provide the executive-level IT strategic advice your company needs without forcing you to hire and retain a full-time CIO.

IT Consulting

With virtual CIO services your company gets  strategic IT advice and guidance on tech-related decisions.  

We help your growing company to assess its current IT strategy, pinpoint areas of improvement, and create new strategies for maximizing your tech investments.

In addition, a vCIO can help you implement and manage an IT roadmap giving your company a plan and a budget for it's iT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure 

Virtual CIOs can plan a robust IT infrastructure that supports your SMB's day-to-day operations, including infrastructure development equipment purchasing.

They also implement IT driven processes that enhance employee productivity and optimize business revenue. 

IT Compliance 

A virtual CIO provides a fresh and objective perspective to your business when it comes to IT governance and compliance.

They can quickly pinpoint areas where compliance issues may arise, and address them.

Moreover, they are apprised of the ever-changing regulatory frameworks and can help your growing company to stay compliant. The same cannot be said of an in-house CIO. 

IT Projects 

When undertaking IT projects, a vCIO provides the expertise needed to fulfill project goals.

They help plan the projects, besides providing oversight and direction to ensure that technology decisions align with your business requirements.

Moreover, a virtual CIO can help outline future IT infrastructure development to fall in line with your company's business milestones.  

Why Do You Need Virtual CIO Services?

The Benefits of vCIO Services

Bridge the Gap Between Your Business and Technology

Virtual CIOs help a growing company to develop a blueprint that enables you to visualize your IT resources and business goals and where you want the organization to be a month, five years, or a decade from now.

In addition, they can map out a company's tech to pinpoint areas requiring improvements. This goes a long way in ensuring an organization meets its IT and business goals.

Reduce IT Costs

Arguably, the most significant benefit of having an outsourced CIO is benefitting from their expertise at an affordable cost. With a virtual CIO, you get the services of a management-level IT executive at a comparably lower cost than hiring an in-house CIO. 


With an outsourced CIO, it's easier to implement IT governance processes and frameworks. Most SMBs don't have the expertise or resources to manage that in-house. Virtual CIOs leverage their expertise to ensure clients' IT systems are secure and compliant with applicable regulations. 

Client testimonials

Clients Who've Benefited from Frontline's Virtual CIO Consulting Services

Our vCIO at Frontline developed and documented all our IT procedures and policies to ensure compliance with our industry regulations. 

Cutting Edge Group

Sarah j.-  VP, Operations

We worked with our vCIO consultant at Frontline to upgrade our IT infrastructure with cyber security and backup solutions.

Big Door Productions

Mike t.- Cfo

Frontline's vCIO made sure we were prepared for the worst by creating a backup and disaster recovery plan, along with operational continuity protocols. 

Walker Advertising

Amir t. - IT Manager

FAQs - Virtual CIO Services

What is a vCIO?

A virtual chief information officer is an executive-level third-party outsourced to remotely manage an organization's IT infrastructure and develop its IT strategy as opposed to having an in-house CIO. 

How Much Does A Virtual Cio Cost?

Virtual CIO services typically get offered as part of managed service provider plans. What you'll pay for your vCIO depends on the size of your SMB, the services you need, and other factors.  Once you select an MSP plan, a dedicated vCIO will proactively manage your IT infrastructure at a fixed price.

What is an IT Roadmap?

An IT Roadmap is a blueprint that enables you to visualize your IT resources and business goals. In addition, they can map out a company's tech to pinpoint areas requiring improvements. This goes a long way in ensuring an organization meets its IT and business goals. 

What is hardware asset management lifecycle Management?

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