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Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

We provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your company's data remains backed up and recoverable 24/7/365. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Los Angeles CA

We'll Make Sure Your Business Data and Technology is Backed-Up and Quickly Recoverable

Can your business afford downtime? What about the worst-case scenario of losing all of your data and having to rebuild from scratch? All businesses these days have to have a backup and disaster recovery plan, but having one is also difficult and expensive.

Fortunately, Frontline is here to help! Call us at (310) 438-5929 or contact us here.

Backups, Monitoring and Reporting

We offer continuous and/or scheduled backups of critical data to secure cloud locations that are out of your immediate geographical area, and thus less likely to be hit by the same event. We also monitor your backup systems in real-time and report regularly if we see a problem.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, taking into account the most likely incidents in your area, such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Rest assure that if something terrible does happen, your downtime will be minimized and your recovery will be fast. 

Proactive Maintenance and Updates

All plans include regular maintenance and updates to help keep your systems secure and working properly.

Did You Know Your Cloud-Based Data Needs a Backup Solution?

Our free, comprehensive e-book entitled Why Your Cloud-Based Data Needs a Backup Solution can help you get started toward a redundant data backup and recovery strategy. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Top reasons for data loss
  • Myths that you should know to make informed backup decisions
  • Reasons why you need a backup for your cloud-based data
  • Features to look for in a good backup solution

Have Frontline Manage and Monitor Your Backups

Your business needs a backup and disaster recovery plan. It's time to call Frontline to find out how we can provide the backup services you need.

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