September 30, 2019

Best Practices for IT Help Desk Support

Since it is a critical link between your employees and IT systems, having highly responsive IT help desk support can make a world of difference to your operations. A well run IT help desk helps organizations resolve their technical issues and swiftly get back to normal work activities by addressing staff members’ questions and issues related to the devices and services they use to accomplish their day-to-day tasks.

Today, technology plays an important role in improving productivity, managing company and customer data, and facilitating business processes. So when technology breaks down, it can greatly impact your employees’ ability to do their jobs effectively, prevent customers from availing your services, damage your company’s reputation, cause data loss or exposure, and bring about many other adverse consequences.

If you have a managed IT services provider (MSP) on retainer or are considering getting one, you’ll want to know how to maximize the use of their IT help desk support. Here’s how:

#1. Implement an automated service ticketing system 

If something can be automated, it should be. Machines work fast and accurately, which could have a transformative impact on your IT help desk support and its performance metrics. Automated online service ticketing systems allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Issue prioritization and automatic assignment of tickets based on expertise

Though there’s no problem too small, every issue can’t take top priority. A ticketing system creates a list of tasks organized by priority to help your IT support team map out their action plan. Issues can also be delegated to the person with the right expertise for better efficiency in problem-solving.

  • Clear and transparent communication between all involved parties

From the moment your customers submit a service request, the ticketing system updates them on the status and progress of their query until resolution. This reassures them and keeps them in the loop on the steps you are taking to find a solution.

The transparency of the communications also allows IT staff to work together and avoid asking customers the same questions twice.

  • Documentation of performance reviews, analytics reports, and insights

A ticketing system makes it easy to track and record every touch point with your customers. This also gives you valuable data so you can keep a close watch on help desk performance to achieve greater customer satisfaction. It also allows you to spot trends, recurring issues, and find solutions to reduce help desk ticketing volume.

#2. Submit customer satisfaction surveys

Never hesitate to convey your pain points and satisfaction level. This mechanism should produce valuable insights to further develop and improve your managed service provider’s back-end processes and help desk staff training. Most well run IT help desks utilize end of ticket surveys, or CSAT (customer satisfaction score), to measure the how well the help desk performed on the task, and the overall level of customer satisfaction.

#3. Tap into the IT help desk support knowledge base

A knowledge base lets you resolve more common and straightforward issues on your own. This means less time spent waiting for your ticket to be addressed.

You need a reliable IT help desk partner

Since you rely on technology to carry out so many important tasks, issues which you need to troubleshoot will inevitably arise. That’s why your MSP’s IT help desk is one of your most important corporate resources. Shouldn’t it be handled then by IT professionals?

When you partner with the technology experts of Frontline, you will quickly see how our help desk support service makes us one of the top MSPs around the Los Angeles area. Read our FREE eBook to learn how your business will benefit from working with us.

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