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July 12, 2020

Why VoIP Solutions are Great for Remote Workers

The outbreak and spread of Covid-19 has revolutionized many things among them how people work nowadays. People all over the world are required to keep social distance as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. Resultantly, individuals are now confined to their homes, and consequently, working from home has become the new norm. While working remotely has numerous benefits, its success depends on the availability of the right infrastructure. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a reliable tool that you can use in such instances. But, why is that? In this simple guide, we cover a few aspects that make VoIP a must-have tool for your remote workers.

Everything You Need to Know about VoIP

What is VoIP?

VoIP is simply a phone service over the internet. With this service, you will not need to use your local phone company anymore because all your phone services are delivered via an internet connection. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, VoIP comes in handy as a tool to enhance collaboration among remote teams and improve workflow.

Is VoIP Necessary for Remote Work?

With almost everyone working from home, you will need a reliable means of communication and collaboration to keep your remote team productive. VoIP is a necessary communication tool for remote workers. Unlike in the case of the traditional communication channels, this tool relies on the internet to enhance the transmission of data.

You can use the VoIP communication and collaboration platform in different ways including:

Sharing files


Engaging in video conferences

Making voice calls

The platform has a telecommuting viability, ensuring that your team members stay connected with one another and the customers in real-time. With the VoIP, your remote team can work together seamlessly. Further, collaboration on projects is possible with this tool. For instance, your team is able to share and make changes to files instantly.

Why Should You Adopt VoIP for your Remote Workers?

If you are not sure if your business needs VoIP solutions, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy once you have it incorporated for your remote workers.

Simplifies remote work

Over the past years, working remotely was unheard of but fast forward, it is now possible to work away from the office. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has become almost important to maintain an effective remote team. The VoIP tool saves you the trouble of paying for all the software and hardware needed in an office setup.

The adoption of VoIP in your organization enhances easy and secure access to information for remote workers. Given that the telephone systems are available on the cloud, it becomes easy for workers to access and make calls, offer updates, and engage in video conferences regardless of their location. The Service as a Software feature incorporated in the VoIP technology enables network management making it easy to deal with remote workers.

Enables working on the go

Remote workers have full lives, implying that they would need to work on their PC and mobile devices and attend to other activities. VoIP services make working on the go possible hence, they wouldn’t be compromising on their lives. It becomes easy to work from anywhere, which means that no working time is wasted.

Saves on cost

Working from home comes with numerous benefits including emotional and financial costs. For example, your team members will not have to pay for transport to or from the workplace. For those with their own vehicles, they do not have to spend as much money on gas as they would when working from the office.

Transport is not the only expense that your remote workers will save upon the integration of VoIP solutions. The technology will lower your costs of major office utilities and hardware.

 Improves productivity

The VoIP solutions have features that give workers the platform to work faster and productively. For instance, its instant communication capabilities ensure that your team members can offer feedback and make decisions promptly. The time factor is also enhanced here your remote workers get more time to engage in a given project without worrying about any distractions.

Centre for all information

One of the major challenges associated with managing a remote workforce is the definition of the core hubs for information. Usually, organizing documents is a major problem that remote teams have to deal with. When your team members work from home, VoIP ensures that they can organize all data and documents well.

This platform guarantees ease of access of all the necessary information that your team requires, removing the need for the employees to engage in a back and forth email conversation. The central hub allows the remote workers to access files in real-time without missing any comments or edits hence, guaranteeing a seamless workflow.

Enhances security

With the rise in cybercrimes, every organization needs a better and more secure way to share information. The VoIP software beats most similar platforms in that it is highly secure. When communicating and sharing data, your employees access the files from a SOC 2-audited cloud. The fact that the system gets updated regularly is a great way to hinder the chances of cyber-attacks. Therefore, this solution ensures that your remote team works in a protected environment.

Allows for more flexibility

The VoIP platform allows you to engage employees that match your current needs. For instance, apart from the permanent employees working from home, you can engage freelancers especially whenever you have short-term projects. Such flexibility reduces the employee turnover rates. In addition, with the rising number of freelancers, the VoIP solutions will allow you to engage high-quality workers effectively and at competitive rates.

Enhances teamwork

The video conferencing feature offers your remote workers an easy platform to connect with one another. It ensures that you can hold meetings with clients and other workers remotely. Such a platform gives you much convenience and comfort when dealing with workers operating away from the office. With such solutions, you stay connected with all your team members while they are doing their work. Therefore, adopting this technology eases collaboration among remote workers.

Enhance Remote Working with VoIP

Adopting VoIP solutions in the organization comes with a lot of benefits for both the organization and remote teams. However, not all phone systems can guarantee you all the benefits you need for your remote workers. It is important that you find out which VoIP business phone system is right for your company.

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