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September 26, 2019

What sets top IT support companies in Los Angeles apart from the rest?

In Los Angeles, businesses have many top IT support companies to choose from, many of which offer similar services and benefits. But if you look more closely, the following factors make the leading providers of computer support and services stand out from the rest:

#1. Focus on partnership

When you hire a top IT support company, you don’t just hire a third party. Instead, you hire a partner that invests time in an in-depth discovery phase to fully understand your business so they can develop solutions tailored to your unique needs. They also constantly find better and more cost-effective solutions and strive for continuous improvement.

#2. Highly trained and well-experienced IT staff and company

The best PC support companies only deploy engineers with impressive qualifications: years of experience, highly technical training, and industry certifications. They invest in the continued IT education of their staff.

To make sure that your would-be IT support partner has a lot of experience to offer, pick one that has been in business for a long time. Frontline, for example, has been a top IT company in Los Angeles for over 15 years.

#3. Right tools, resources, and processes

With the right management and diagnostic tools and access to correct information, IT support staff can resolve a large percentage of problems remotely, often before you even notice them or have them cause business interruptions. That’s why top computer support and services companies have a round-the-clock, dedicated, and high-quality network operations control center (NOCC) that houses the latest technologies.

They also follow industry best practices in everything they do: security, business continuity, disaster recovery planning, risk management and planning, and others. This ensures consistent service delivery, standardized processes, and reduced risks and associated costs such as industry compliance penalties.

#4. Partnership with trusted technology vendors

Today’s IT infrastructures deal with multiple technology vendors, so the best PC support companies have strong partnerships with them and act as your single point of contact, saving you the hassle and time of chasing different vendors.


#5. Excellent communication skills

Staff of top IT support companies practice active listening to correctly understand and address the concerns and goals of their clients. They use layman’s terms to explain even complex IT processes and potential solutions to non-IT people.

#6. Availability and quick response and resolution times

Some small businesses want a fully managed service with field response and repairs, while others may only require network monitoring during business hours. Top PC support companies can develop services to meet all those different needs. They are quick to respond and resolve issues and can be available 24/7/365.

Check their service level agreements (SLAs) to set and measure the performance of your provider. Since downtime costs money, make sure their service levels are clearly defined and measurable, along with appropriate rebates or penalties for poor performance. They should provide regular reports that peg their performance against the committed service levels.

#7. Top IT support companies can scale with you business

No matter how your operations ramp up or slow down, outsourced IT support companies can scale with your business:

  • Functional scalability – They can offer new services and features to your IT systems.
  • Geographic scalability – They can maintain the same level of performance no matter if your company changes location or grows from one local area to more locations.
  • Load scalability – They can expand or modify their resources to accommodate changing workloads or users.

Don’t just hire any IT support company. Choose a top provider like Frontline to ensure that your business is primed for success. When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered on all IT fronts. Read our FREE eBook to learn how your small business can benefit from our services. 

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