October 16, 2019

Server support services: What can your business expect?

Server support services proactively protect your business by solving potential issues with your critical business computing infrastructure. It’s an outsourced solution that augments or even replaces your in-house IT department, thereby reducing costs and complexity. It reduces downtime and improves performance and cost-efficiency. These obligations should be clearly outlined in the service level agreement (SLA). Here’s what you can expect by enrolling in a server support contract:


#1. 24/7 monitoring

Chances are your IT department isn’t working around the clock, but most businesses rely on their server infrastructure both during and outside of office hours. Plus, cybercriminals don’t exactly stick to a 9-to-5 routine. In fact, they’re more likely to strike when you least expect it, such as during the night or on weekends. That’s why you need 24/7 monitoring to ensure your important assets such as websites, databases, and email services stay up and running and are always functioning optimally.


#2. Security audits

Regular security audits help you keep one step ahead of cyberthreats, but they require expert knowledge and specialized tools to carry out. Outsourcing server security will ease the burden on your in-house staff and give your business a fresh perspective on the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape.


#3. Performance optimization

Misconfigured servers can hinder performance as well as leave potential security holes for hackers to exploit. By outsourcing management to an experienced team of professionals, you can get the best possible performance out of your available hardware, which means fewer costly upgrades and enhanced efficiency for a multitude of business-critical operations. For example, they can help you use virtualization to maximize the use of your server hardware.


#4. Software installation

Installing and configuring server software is a lot more complicated than with desktop software. To maximize performance efficiency, most servers use virtualization technologies that require setting up complex software solutions like hypervisors, which act as a go-between for virtual desktops and underlying hardware. With expert help, you can provision new desktops in less time and onboard employees in days rather than weeks.


#5. Data migration

Today, many businesses use a combination of public and private cloud resources and locally installed computers and storage networks. Others use server colocation facilities. Complexity has reached dizzying heights in many business technology environments, which is why data migration is often a risky job. A server support service will help you migrate your data to new systems without leaving it exposed to accidental loss or theft.


#6. System integration

With the increasing complexities of business IT, it’s easy to end up with lots of different systems that don’t seamlessly share data. This leads to information silos and bottlenecks in performance across the organization. Server support service can help with development and operations (DevOps) to ensure your computing infrastructure exists as a uniform solution that’s easily manageable, no matter how complicated it is beneath the hood.


#7. Prompt support

As reliance on IT increases, the cost of downtime is skyrocketing. Server support services are bound by their SLAs to provide maximum response and resolution times. They’re available around the clock, every day of the year to proactively diagnose issues, restore critical services, and prevent the same problems from happening again. Server support teams have experts on hand who are equipped with advanced troubleshooting tools to keep your systems running at all times.


Looking to outsource your server support? Frontline offers worry-free IT solutions and expertise to businesses in Los Angeles. Give us a call today to get started.


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