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As a business owner, you certainly have a great deal of knowledge about the industry in which you operate, whether that is in entertainment, insurance, finance, marketing, or any other field. However, you understandably may not feel as knowledgeable when making IT decisions or simply would rather outsource these functions so that you can instead focus on your regular day-to-day responsibilities. No matter your situation, you can depend on Frontline, LLC to provide custom-tailored IT consulting services that will work to improve the efficiency of your business, just as we have for many other companies in Van Nuys, California, and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

What Type of IT Assistance Does Your Business Require?

Serving as your company’s virtual chief information officer (CIO), Frontline will assess your existing IT operations and help you determine where you should be technologically. This process will typically begin with an IT audit to assess the maintenance, security, and cost-effectiveness of your IT environment.

Because efficient IT practices require thoughtful planning, we’ll formulate a well-communicated and clearly defined IT strategic plan that connects with your company’s annual budget and helps you achieve your company’s goals, as measured by established key performance indicators (KPIs). From that point on, our IT consulting services will include providing regular IT recommendations, guidance, assessments, and reporting—all the work required to ensure your IT environment is operating in an optimal fashion.

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