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Founded in 2002, Frontline, LLC has long been considered the IT consulting company of choice for many businesses in Encino, California, and throughout the San Fernando Valley. These businesses choose to work with Frontline because of our wide-ranging knowledge, comprehensive service offerings, and many years of experience serving major local industries.

If you could use help assessing your IT environment and creating a cost-effective plan for managing your systems, reach out to Frontline. Whether you want assistance with a particular aspect of your IT infrastructure or you would like us to serve as your virtual CIO and make important IT decisions on your behalf, our dedicated team can assist you in virtually any capacity you require.

Reasons to Choose Frontline’s IT Consulting Services

As a business owner, it can be easy to overlook the importance of having an IT infrastructure that effectively meets the needs of your business. That is, until an email outage, data loss, cyber attack, or other IT problem prevents you from operating your business as usual.

Frontline can help you plan ahead to establish an IT infrastructure that you can truly rely on. To accomplish this, we’ll start by assessing your systems as they exist now to determine how well they are managed and secured.

Our IT consulting services then generally involve formulating an IT strategic plan that will look to establish IT practices that help you meet the goals defined by your established key performance indicators (KPIs). From there, we’ll provide you with ongoing guidance and reporting to keep you updated on the current state of your systems, as well as any potential improvements. In this way, you can focus on your regular day-to-day responsibilities with confidence knowing you have a trusted team of specialists making sure that your IT infrastructure is operating in an optimal fashion.

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