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To find the right IT solutions for your business, you must first identify the biggest issues your company is facing. Whether your team is expanding and you’ve outgrown your current corporate email solution, or you’re going to hit the max storage capacity on your server, Frontline Worry Free IT has IT solutions for you.

Let’s say you’ve recently acquired a new business and your team is doubling in size. This means the free Gmail business account is probably not going to cut it anymore. It’s time to upgrade to a secure, scalable, and comprehensive program like Office 365. Frontline offers the following benefits with our Office 365 corporate email solution:

  • Automatic updates to keep your software running efficiently and seamlessly

  • Easy budgeting with fixed monthly subscription costs

  • Remote access which allows employees to view, edit and share documents from anywhere

  • Scalable solutions to easily add or remove employees from your plan

Beyond email support, Frontline IT is also able to offer cloud-based IT solutions to help businesses with employees located across town or across the globe. So, whether your team is working from the same place or collaborating remotely, by harnessing the power of cloud computing, you’ll be able to communicate and work efficiently.

To learn more about the IT solutions we offer to LA businesses, review our full list of services including the support we offer to businesses of all sizes. If you’ve been looking for an IT company to help audit your existing business and develop a plan for improved security and a more streamlined workflow, we’d love to speak with you. 

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