September 25, 2019

Effective IT support for small business

Given your company’s limited time and resources, the last thing your employees want to do is spend hours on frustrating IT support calls. It doesn’t have to be this way! Companies that provide IT support for small business in Los Angeles do exist, and you should look into the following factors when choosing one for your small business.

#1. Technical skills

The competency of an IT support company relies heavily on the IT knowledge and experience of the technicians behind it. Their staff’s training, certifications, and past projects will show the range of IT issues they can handle and if they are continuously updating their skill set and knowledge on emerging business technology and relevant industry standards. Also, make sure they’re proficient in and have certifications related to the tools and software that your business uses.

#2. Powerful IT help desk tools

An effective IT support company has invested in a suite of IT help desk tools to improve customer service, lower costs, and respond more efficiently to customer complaints:

  • Ticketing system to log service tickets. This is helpful for delegating and workload management, trending, reporting, and analysis.
  • Database to host company information such as contact details, key personnel, computer models, and other IT system details.
  • Automated monitoring system to check the status of your servers and IT infrastructure and their patches and updates.
  • Remote assistance system to connect remotely to computers and devices with issues.
  • Knowledge base to create a FAQ section so end users can solve straightforward issues on their own, freeing up time for IT specialists to work on more complex problems.

#3. Ticket transparency

Nothing frustrates a client more than not knowing the current status and estimated resolution time of their issued IT ticket. Your IT support company’s ticketing system should have an online portal that allows employees to view their ticket status anytime. It should show the following information: a description of the IT issue, the urgency of the task, the estimated time of completion, the resources assigned to the ticket, and the contact information of the support staff assigned to the ticket.

#4. Availability

Sometimes the unexpected happens at the worst possible time and every minute spent waiting for the resolution of technical issues costs your business critical time and money, so it’s important that your IT support company is always available to assist and solve your problems quickly. Make sure to request for a 24/7/365 help desk in the service level agreement (SLA) with your provider.

#5. Location

Nowadays, many organizations outsource their help desk solutions overseas. However, by partnering with a Los Angeles-based IT support company such as Frontline, you can avoid potential cultural barrier and timezone issues that can lead to longer hold times, longer conversations to solve problems, and more call transfers. What’s more, they can quickly make an on-site visit should remote assistance not suffice.

#6. Focus on customer service

A highly effective IT support company provides excellent customer service. To do so, their staff must have the following qualities:

  • Active listeners – They listen carefully and intently to complaints and work to find an effective solution.
  • Great communicators – They use layman’s terms instead of IT jargon to explain the issue and how it will be resolved.
  • Patient – They take the time to calmly explain things to the customer, even irate and technologically challenged ones.
  • Polite – They remain respectful, empathetic, and positive regardless of the customer’s disposition.
  • Has a sense of urgency – They resolve customer issues decisively and promptly.
  • Has good time management skills – They manage their time wisely and effectively prioritize tasks to resolve customer issues as fast as possible.
  • Dedicated to problem resolution They don’t close the ticket until the customer is satisfied and the solution conforms to company policy.

While these factors are a great starting point for your search, the most important thing to consider is that your small business IT support company provides value to your small business and improves the efficiency of your operations.

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