December 26, 2019

10 Reasons to Outsource IT Support Los Angeles

Try to imagine doing business without a computer, digital records, or a mobile connection to the internet. It’s almost impossible. Being connected 24/7 is a double-edged sword and business leaders are fighting a constant battle to stay ahead of the latest developments and minimize the risks of a cybersecurity incident. Here’s how Frontline’s outsource IT support Los Angeles can help you stay focused on your core mission:

#1. Access the best talent

Technology has outpaced the ability of human resources to keep up. This has resulted in a serious skills shortage, especially in California, a state with stringent data privacy laws. But outsourcing provides a way to access the best talent on demand, without the high expense of hiring new staff.

#2. Become more scalable

When businesses run into periods of increased demand, their IT departments are the first to feel the pressure. Slow internet and downed services stifle employee productivity, lead to severe burnout, increase risk, and result in your business missing out on new opportunities. Outsourced IT support Los Angeles offers a scalable solution that continuously adapts to your needs.

#3. Focus on strategic goals

Even with a roster stacked full of all-star employees, asking them to find workarounds to trivial IT problems is dangerous. Outsource IT support Los Angeles allows them to stay focused on their core competencies, while business executives can work toward more strategic goals.

#4. Reduce business risk

Every new technology introduces new risks as well as opportunities. Without specialized and certified support, you’re playing with fire. That fancy and unfamiliar new IT solution could lead to a data breach or serious operational failure. Outsourcing IT support gives you contractual protections from misconfigured technology.


#5. Boost employee productivity

Nothing threatens employee productivity like unreliable systems, eternal loading screens, and computer crashes. With outsourced IT support, your team has access to an on-demand helpdesk for whatever issues come your way.

#6. Simplify your budget

Small businesses generally don’t need a fully staffed and equipped IT department…all the time. But when they do, third-party support charged by the hour comes with some serious sticker shock. With outsourced IT support Los Angeles, you pay a fixed monthly fee to access the resources you need when you need them.

#7. Enable proactive maintenance

Another problem with one-off IT contractors is that they have no long-term outlook on your business. They’ll charge you for what you need today and move on, whereas a long-term partner is incentivized by your business’s growth. This proactive approach will reduce downtime along with the risk of a security incident.

#8. Shift the responsibility

When you have 1-2 in-house IT employees, they shoulder all of the tech support burdens. When you partner with a managed services provider, there’s an entire team responsible for keeping your IT running smoothly. That shifts the perspective away from “technology is the problem” to “technology is their problem.”

#9. Learn about new solutions

Entrepreneurs are, by their nature, innovators. This is why it’s understandable that they may try to educate themselves about the latest developments, risks, and opportunities associated with enterprise IT. Beyond having that information at the ready at all times, a dependable technology partner will provide expert insight to speed up innovation.

#10. Drive digital transformation

Despite how long ago the internet went mainstream, many businesses are still early in their digital transformation journeys. They bought technology because a salesman explained the benefits but never hired someone with business sense to align it with the company goals. Managed services providers fill this gap with a combination of IT knowledge and experience, integrating it with organizational success.

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