December 17, 2019

5 Advantages of Outsourced Server Support

As small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow over time, their server requirements become greater and more complex. Servers need to be dependable, secure, accessible 24/7, and fast, hence they require regular expert monitoring and management. Maintaining an in-house IT team to keep up with servers can be expensive, so some SMBs are turning to outsourced server support to Managed IT Support providers and enjoying the following advantages:

#1. Minimum server downtime

Since servers deliver services that are constantly required, these are rarely turned off. Consequently, server downtime can be absolutely disastrous for businesses. It can result in angry customers, lost opportunities, and bad reviews.

There are many things that can cause a server to go down. A hardware error can cause a server load spike, or malware can replicate itself exponentially and overwhelm a server. When a server shuts down unexpectedly, expert server management teams can provide an accurate diagnosis and use advanced troubleshooting methods to quickly restore services and prevent problems, even complex ones, from occurring again.

However, such issues rarely arise in the first place when servers are handled by an Managed IT company. They conduct regular check-ups on your servers and take all precautionary and preventive measures, keeping your servers as healthy as possible. This is a significant advantage that outsourced server support has over a small in-house support team, since the latter would be doing more emergency patchwork rather than regular server upkeep.

What’s more, server management companies ensure optimal server performance, accessibility, and usability by measuring various parameters that determine server stability. By doing so, they can detect issues caused by small glitches in the software or configuration errors that can affect stability.

#2. Full 24/7 monitoring and tighter IT security

Rather than wait for someone to help you whenever a problem arises, have a full team ready to aid you every day of the week and every minute of each day if you hire a server management team. With 24/7 monitoring, not only can you get the best performance and uptime for your server, but you’ll also keep hackers and other cyberthreats at bay.

With more and more new devices being introduced into IT systems, hackers have greater opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities, so continuous monitoring is crucial for your business. Additionally, server management teams will keep you safe by always updating your server hardware and software programs with security patches as soon as they’re available.

Server management companies can also take care of spamming issues, periodically check and update security settings, and regularly backup servers to prevent data loss.

#3. Updated with technological developments

Unlike in-house teams, outsourced server support teams stay on top of the latest technology updates since they usually have a large clientele to deal with. This could give you a technical advantage over competitors.

#4. Reduced labor costs

Keeping an in-house IT team can be extremely costly. As your business grows, your rising server needs will require you to hire even more staff. With outsourced server support, you gain access to a good management team that can scale to match your requirements for just a fixed, reasonable monthly price.

#5. Focused on your core business

Server management is a time-consuming, complex task that requires proper management to support the business and retain customers. Third-party server support companies take care of your servers so you can take care of your business. Knowing that your servers are in safe hands, you can spend all your time and effort on improving and developing your business services.

Is it time for your business to leverage outsourced server support?

Stay ahead of the competition with outsourced server support needs to Frontline. We can ensure the efficiency and security of the servers that your company rely on. We are proud to serve small- and mid-sized businesses all over the greater Los Angeles area. Contact us today to learn more.

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