March 13, 2019

5 Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider in Los Angeles

Working with a managed service provider in Los Angeles (MSP) lets business owners focus on the core operations of their businesses while shifting the responsibilities an outsourced IT support provider.

No one debates that modern technology is a key enabler of business in today’s world, and business leaders are constantly challenged by the need to weigh the risks and opportunities it can offer. All too often, however, IT-related expenses end up going through the roof in a time when just an hour of unscheduled downtime can translate into thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

This approach provides many important benefits:

#1. Scalability

Many established businesses let themselves down by sticking with dated IT infrastructures that just can’t keep up with today’s demands. Outdated systems lack scalability and make it hard to meet the needs of both employees and customers. When that happens, a sudden period of growth ends up being met by a brick wall in the form of technology that can’t do its job.

Constantly managing and supporting servers, desktops, and mobile devices is prohibitively expensive for many businesses, which is why it’s often better to outsource technology infrastructure to a provider that can grow alongside your business. An MSP offers that agility by providing access to a practically unlimited pool of resources whereby you pay only for what you need.

#2. Mobility

The concept of employees spending 9 till 5 every day in front of an office desk is just a few years away from being forgotten. We’ve entered the age of workforce mobility, in which more people are becoming self-employed digital nomads, while full-time employees are getting used to working at home or on the move.

Mobile technology and ubiquitous internet connectivity continue to fuel the growth of the mobile workforce, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. By outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider in Los Angeles who offers cloud services, your business and the talent it chooses to work with no longer need be constrained by physical boundaries.


#3. Managed IT Security Services

Digital security and privacy have become some of the greatest concerns of modern times. A single data breach can easily result in a business closing its doors for good. No longer can companies afford to rely on limited solutions, such as anti malware software or “soft firewalls,” when scammers are out in force and hackers are using innovative approaches to launch cyber attacks.

Managed Service Providers in Los Angeles have access to technology and expertise that few businesses can afford to retain in-house. Today’s major data centers are veritable fortresses with the highest degree of physical, administrative, and technological security measures available. Partnering with a dependable Managed IT Services Provider who has a proven track record is simply a smart cyber security decision.


#4. IT Expertise

Your employees might be great at their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they also have top-level IT skills. Similarly, you might be great at running your business, but it’s difficult to focus on core mission priorities if you’re spending much of your time worrying about IT challenges. Hiring in-house IT specialists often isn’t an option either, due to rising salary rates for talented technicians.

MSPs don’t just provide technology — they provide a sense of direction too. They don’t simply respond to support requests — they’re business partners with a vested interest in aligning technology with your company’s goals. To that end, they provide long-term vision when you need it, without the need to maintain a costly in-house IT department.


#5. IT Support

Technology is great when it’s working but, when it’s not, the resulting downtime can have serious consequences for your business. From employees being unable to do their jobs to customers turning away because your website is down, it shouldn’t be difficult to see why unscheduled downtime can quickly become very costly.

Manged Service Providers in Los Angeles proactively support your IT infrastructure to keep downtime to a healthy minimum as defined in their service level agreements (SLAs). They have access to redundant systems and monitor performance and security around the clock to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.


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